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Sell bitcoin on your site and make money

Responsive Bitcoin Widget allows visitors of your site to purchase bitcoin without verification, and you receive a portion of the commission on each purchase.


How does the Bitcoin Widget work?

Register an account

Create and verify an account with us. Account can be individual or on behalf of the company, you represent.

Generate and paste the code on your page

Customize the wigdet to match your website, generate the code, paste it in the appropriate place on the website and that's it.

Control your earnings

Use your admin panel to keep track of how much you've earned and withdraw your funds whenever you want.

They trusted us:

Krypto Raport
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The worst
we take on ourselves

Using our solution you do not have to worry about providing liquidity and support for your users.

widget layout

The widget dynamically adjusts its appearance regardless of what computer or phone the customer is using.


Affiliates using Wordpress can use a special plugin, thanks to which you don’t even need to copy and paste the code.

in BTC or PLN

You can withdraw the money you earn both in bitcoin and in other currencies, depending on your needs and preferences.


  • What is Bitcoin Widget?

    Bitcoin Widget is the easiest way to add extra monetization to your website, especially if you think your readers may be interested in cryptocurrencies. You can give your readers the ability to buy bitcoin without worrying about liquidity or customer service, we do all of this for you. In return for making this service available to your readers, you receive a small commission on each transaction made from your website.

  • How much can I earn?

    The answer to this question is not simple and depends heavily on the traffic on the website. Our partners' earnings range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars a month. However, it is worth remembering that even a tiny profit is burdened with a very small amount of work and scales with the increase in the popularity of your website.

  • Can I create a business account?

    Yes, it is possible to set up a business/company account.

  • Can I only test the widget on my website?

    When creating an account on our website, it is not necessary to undergo full verification. Identity verification appears only at the first withdrawal of the accumulated funds from commissions. Therefore, you can easily create an account by providing only the most basic information (like an email address and telephone number), generate the widget code and place it on your website for testing.

  • Do I have to have some specific permissions or a license to use your widget?

    This may vary based on jurisdiction but from a technical perspective, you only provide space on your website where we put the widget. The transaction is made on pop-ups triggered by our business engine located on our servers. Therefore, you can treat the widget like any other internet advertisement in most countries and for this you usually don’t need any special permission or license.

  • Is it legal?

    Again it depends on the jurisdiction you are in but generally yes. As a service provider our company ensures compliance with all local regulations, including KYC / AML. From the point of view of the partner placing the widget on the website, the only thing you have to do is to remember about the income tax or any other tax/regulations applicable to your situation in your country.